Created in 1985, by Antonio Pascual engineer, introduce 2500 computers inside PEMEX, working about 3 years like manager make new computing centers inside PEMEX, leader from national and transnational like “DEPA” it is the decentralized system of sedimentation, exportation, and importation, it was aplicated on customs agencies and enter inside NAFTA and enter on the big leagues, he fixed catalytic, pioneer in Madero Refinery inserting computers using Project creator of financier system for federal manage of PEMEX, he controlled financial roof from every managers, creator of REMI card for link MAC in 1982 on Monterrey Tec using the controller 8088, inside his thesis developing ADA compilator using by USA for administer its defensing forces, in 1985 he was selectioned by Schlumberger between 1600 for work on Irak, highlighted athletically in Monterrey Tec, he have 21 years being rector from CEDIP, methodize 200 companies just like VALEM with 1500 staffs, quoting on Mexican stocks, owner from enzymatic catalizator AK-47 lows heavy and extra heavy petroleum viscosity from mature wells, CEDIP have 1500 graduate and 98% work in PEMEX expert on refination, perforation, control fluids, static and dynamic, wells, transportation, storage, conduction, 2nd petroleum engineer symposium, searching new implementations con 6 sigma, and we will use QR codes, evaluating wellcontrol, wellcost, lostcost, variability, and risk, Design and marin petroleum platform construction, 2 new careers, and petroleum diplomats, we invite you too see “Riviera Huasteca” part of GRUPO CEDIP, it growth for be touristic, educative, and petroleum, we have “Canicross” school we have 1 years training guardian and security dogs, Rotwailler, Pitbull, recreativs areas, students, profesionists, and we have radio with beautiful music, variety, registers from all institution, and we are owner from a new ground, we are under construction in the main building working on new projects.

CEDIP Group realized with Antonio Pascual Garcia vision about make experts lidering, thinking and doing efforts, with sustainable knowledge for intellectual growth, with future vision, and taking care our environment and our natural resource.

Like education leaders we guide our students with values for growthing against the society

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